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Meet Katie O’Farrell ’26 – Service Advocate at Learning Unlimited!

  My name is Katie O’Farrell, and I am a freshman at Salve Regina. I chose to be a service advocate at Learning Unlimited. Leaning unlimited is an inclusive and engaging learning community. The community creates an accessible and welcoming environment that provides opportunities to learn from each other through education, recreation, and socialization. Groups […]

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Meet Emalyn Osborne ’26 – Service Advocate at Thompson Middle School!

Community service has been something very important to me from a young age. Starting when I was a little Kindergartener, Girl Scouts began my love for service and volunteering around my community. As I got older, opportunities for service only became more abundant and available to me as I was able to volunteer in middle […]


Meet Sofia Totino ’26… Service Advocate at Learning Unlimited!

I am a Service Advocate for Learning Unlimited. Learning Unlimited is a program where Salve Regina students are paired with partners from Newport and the surrounding area. The partners that the students are paired with are developmentally or physically disabled. Students complete various games and activities with their partners, including but not limited to yoga, […]